#showup This Holiday Season

For Holiday 2019, we wanted to continue recognizing women who #showup for others, this time in the form of surprise holiday shoe shipments!

We kicked off our holiday #showup campaign by surprising 5 amazing women in New York City. The team — Jenelle, Sammy, Jason, and Heidi — began their day at our Fit Shop in Grand Central Terminal, where we put together goodie bags full of feel good items donated by our partners!

The bags included a pair of Aerosoles chosen by the individuals who nominated the women, a flower arrangement from Dead Flowers NYC, Mosso face serum, a #showup bracelet from The Little Words Project, skincare products from Snow Fox Skincare, face masks from Skyn Iceland, and a phone case from Grip2u!

Once the bags were packed and ready to go, the team hopped into our Aerosoles van and traveled all around New York City to hand deliver these surprise packages.

Split 1 Meg Moss

Meg Moss
IG: @onthebowery
Nominated by: Her husband Simon

“How does Meg show up? She does the right thing when no one is looking. Meg shows up every day, not just for her family, but also for the community. Right now while she’s on her way to work, she will be feeding a homeless man that she feeds every day. She’s just an incredible human being and one of the unsung heroes.””

Split 1 Toni Blackman

Toni Blackman
IG: @toniblackman
Nominated by: Her friend and colleague, Blakely

“I nominated Toni because she’s inspiring and she always shows up for those that are around her. Toni is a motivational speaker, creative producer, and a woman of many talents. She’s a mentor to women of color, she gives TED talks, and generally shares her creativity and ideas with whoever needs them.”

Split 1 Maxine Jochelson

Maxine Jochelson
IG: @newyorkmaxbo
Nominated by: Her niece, Jenny

“Maxine is a breast cancer doctor at a New York City hospital. Maxine shows up, working tirelessly every day to improve the health of women everywhere.”

Split 1 Lex Arnell

Lex Arnell
IG: @lexarnell
Nominated by: Her fiance, Gabriel

“Lex is a people experience manager. She shows up by being there for me, her coworkers, and especially her little sister. Lex is there every single night for her sister. Whether it’s a basketball game, something at school, helping with her homework, Lex gets it done. ”

Split 1 Chelsea Shariss

Chelsea Shariss
IG: @laraschipior
Nominated by: Her friend and colleague, Scot

“Chelsea is one of the most genuine, inspirational role models to young people that I have ever met. I have watched her change lives, right in front of me, for thousands of kids across this entire country, and she does it every single day. She puts so much into the world, I love the fact that she’s going to get something back right now.”

The surprises didn’t stop there! During the month of December, our community nominated their friends, family, co-workers, or any woman who gave back to their community in big or small ways.

We selected 50 of these women and sent them a surprise package that included a brand new pair of Aerosoles, some feel good items from our sponsors, and a handwritten note from the individuals who nominated them.

How do you #showup? Tag @aerosoles on social media for a chance to be featured!