Celebrating Those We Learn From Every Day

We’re celebrating those who #showup for others everyday — educators. The original “influencers,” educators show up for their students and communities in so many ways.

We invited six New York-based educators to a suite at NYC’s Plaza Hotel, and treated them to makeovers, a photoshoot, and some bubbly. We asked them what they #showup for.

Split 1 Stevi Feinberg
East Side in Champagne

Stevi Feinberg
IG: @stevifeinberg
Occupation: Social Worker

“I love that I get to work with high school aged kids every single day who make me laugh, sometimes make me cry, but mostly just inspire me. A moment I was most proud of myself was watching one of my students who struggled incredibly throughout high school finally graduate at 21 years old and watching him walk across that stage.”

Split 1 Renee Nelson
East Coast in Zebra

Renee Nelson
IG: @almond_essence
Occupation: High School Teacher

“My favorite part of my job is being around young adults on the brink of adulthood, getting them there, and making sure they are all set for their adult life. So to me, being comfortable and stylish go hand in hand, from leaving job number one as a teacher I can easily go to job number 2 with my family.”

Split 1 Rachael Donnelly
East Coast in Dark Tan

Rachael Donnelly
IG: @raydon24
Occupation: Occupational Therapist

“People are my passion and I love working with kids. Every day there’s small challenges, but it’s just really nice to see some kids reach their goals or overcome things that were once difficult for them. To see them happy, makes me happy. With my job especially, I’m running around with these kids, I’m rolling around on the floor, I’m playing with putty and glue and everything, so being comfortable and professional and stylish is very important.”

Split 1 Hella Abebe
Bette in Red Suede

Hella Abebe
IG: @hellamargiela
Occupation: Ed-trepreneur

“I’m an advocate, an educator, a mentor, and a creator. I currently am working on a start-up, Social Movement, dedicated to empowering educators in New York City. Being a part of a child’s development and seeing a light within the child and within the family members, it’s one of those breathtaking & speechless moments, especially fresh out of college. Showing up, to me, means standing up for what is true and what is authentic & what you know is ultimately right.”

Split 1 Lara Schipior
Katherine in Leopard

Lara Schipior
Occupation: High School English Teacher

“I teach 11th & 12th grade English at a public school in Manhattan. What I love about what I do, especially working with teenagers, is using literature as a way to connect to one another and having students understand that it’s another art form that can both help them express themselves and understand other people. Showing up for me means helping students find their voice.”

Split 1 Susan Greene
Bette in Black Suede

Susan Greene
IG: @iamdrsusanm
Occupation: Senior Administrator for Social Emotional Learning for the NYC DoE

“I love what I do because after working so many years with students, I now get the opportunity to work on behalf of students. I feel bold like a capital letter. That phrase comes from a little girl from my school, her name was Ajeunar, and one day she presented me with this illustration that was supposed to be me. At the top it says, “You are all that.” So I asked, “Ajeunar tell me what that means. I’m all that?” She said “It means you’re bold, like a capital letter.” If Ajeunar said so, then it must be true.”

Split 1 Ali Peters Wells
Dorian in Leopard

Ali Peters Wells
IG: @alipeterswells
Occupation: Fashion Marketing & Styling Professor / Stylist

“My passion for teaching stems from my love for fashion & helping others learn and grow. The most important thing to me is being there for people, whether it’s my students, husband, family or friends (and dogs!). An essential part of my teaching process is having an open line of communication with my students. No question is too small or obvious.”

Split 1 Alicia Bynoe Ferrel
Katherine in Black Leather

Alicia Bynoe Ferrel
IG: @artisticlee_85
Occupation: Elementary Art Teacher

“I'll be entering my 12th year of teaching elementary art this September. In 2017 I received the Art Educators of NJ Elementary Division Award: for outstanding practice in art education. I #ShowUp for my students by letting them know they're all capable of being creative. My students have won awards and featured in exhibitions in Washington DC. I also provide private art lessons to students at their homes.”

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