At Aerosoles, we believe that a meaningful life is one you show up for. Showing up means being present: for the everyday, for the unexpected, and for everything in between.

For Holiday 2019, we continue to recognize individuals who #showup for others, this time in the form of surprise holiday shoe shipments!

Submit a friend, family member, co-worker or any individual who gives back to their community in big or small ways. Through December 23rd, we will be randomly selecting individuals to receive a brand new pair of Aerosoles shoes to their doorstep, along with other feel good items from our partners and a handwritten note from our team.

At Aerosoles we are taking steps to #showup for the community of women who make an impact in this world. We encourage you to do the same with our submission form below. If your submission is selected to receive a pair of Aerosoles shoes we will notify you via email for further information. Happy Holidays!

Click here to nominate someone who shows up for you!

Here are some of the women who have been nominated by our community, and surprised with shoes and more by their loved ones and our team.

Name: Meg Moss

IG: @onthebowery

Meg was nominated by her husband Simon, who believes she is an unsung hero in her community.

“How does Meg show up? She does the right thing when no one is looking. Meg shows up every day, not just for her family, but also for the community. Right now while she’s on her way to work, she will be feeding a homeless man that she feeds every day. She’s just an incredible human being and one of the unsung heroes.”

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Name: Meg Moss

"Show up in every single moment of your life like you're meant to be there." - Marie Forleo

Name: Toni Blackman

IG: @toniblackman

Toni was nominated by her friend and colleague, Blakely, who praised her selflessness.

“I nominated Toni because she’s inspiring and she always shows up for those that are around her. Toni is a motivational speaker, creative producer, and a woman of many talents. She’s a mentor to women of color, she gives TED talks, and generally shares her creativity and ideas with whoever needs them.”

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Thanks to our wonderful partners for donating!

In Every Shipment

A #showup bracelet from Little Words Project - who believe that supporting women is always the way to go

Self-care goodies for when you travel, from Snow Fox Skincare (we love their clean, cruelty free products).

Firming eye gel packs from Skyn Iceland to help your eyes shine.

Grip2u phone cases to help you keep that phone in hand when you’re running around

...and of course, a pair of Aerosoles shoes, to help you #showup this season!

How does the Aerosoles Team Show Up?

We partnered with the organization Dress for Success, to help outfit low-income women and support their job search. To kick off our partnership, the Aerosoles team spent the day volunteering with the Dress for Success, Northern NJ chapter. We helped the team raise almost $7K towards serving women in need at no cost to them.