At Aerosoles, we believe that a meaningful life is one you show up for. Showing up means being present: for the everyday, for the unexpected, and for everything in between.

We’re here to help you #showup: for yourself, for one another, and for more. We aim to create shoes that help you to be present and feel good. As a company, we’re also taking steps to show up and support our community and our planet. We’re focused on more sustainable practices, and on being involved in charitable activities that we feel passionate about.

As a first step, we’re celebrating those who #showup for others everyday — educators. The original “influencers,” educators show up for their students and communities in so many ways. We invited six New York-based educators to a suite at NYC’s Plaza Hotel, and treated them to makeovers, a photoshoot, and some bubbly. We asked them what they #showup for.

Hella Abebe

IG: @hellamargiela
Occupation: Ed-trepreneur.

“I’m an advocate, an educator, a mentor, and a creator. I currently am working on a start-up, Social Movement, dedicated to empowering educators in New York City. Being a part of a child’s development and seeing a light within the child and within the family members, it’s one of those breathtaking and speechless moments, especially fresh out of college. Showing up, to me, means standing up for what is true and what is authentic and what you know is ultimately right.”

"Show up in every single moment of your life like you're meant to be there." - Marie Forleo

Stevi Feinberg

IG: @stevifeinberg
Occupation: Social Worker

“I love that I get to work with high school aged kids every single day who make me laugh, sometimes make me cry, but mostly just inspire me. A moment I was most proud of myself was watching one of my students who struggled incredibly throughout high school finally graduate at 21 years old and watching him walk across that stage. I #showup for so many reasons.”

How does the Aerosoles team #showup?

Dress for Success

We partnered with the organization Dress for Success, to help outfit low-income women and support their job search. To kick off our partnership, the Aerosoles team spent the day volunteering with the Dress for Success, Northern NJ chapter. We helped the team raise almost $7K towards serving women in need at no cost to them.