Range Of Motion

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Uncompromising 2 1/4 " wedge loafer is a sleek and comfy option for casual days. When you're on the go, Range of Motion is right there with you, offering the best comfort from our Heel Rest technology. Fabric upper is soft and easy to wear. Cushioned insole and diamond patterned sole offer all-day sponginess

Constructed With This Aerosoles Technology

Heel Rest Design

A patent pending technology found only in Aerosoles. This custom design distributes your body weight toward your heel, and away from the ball of your foot. The result, superior comfort in both high heels and wedges so you look and feel great.

Core Comfort Featured in Every Pair

Cushioned Insoles

Comfort memory foam footbed and sumptuous padded insole soothe and pamper your feet.

Diamond Flex Soles

You will always know an Aerosoles shoe by our unique diamond flex sole found on every pair. Our rubber composition soles with a unique diamond pattern are designed to disperse friction away from the foot.

Sueded Sock & Lining

Breathable and super soft our footbeds provide a soft layer for your foot to rest on.

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