Terms & Conditions

The Aerosoles VIP Rewards Program (“Program”) is a promotional marketing program for the purpose of targeted direct marketing to customers of Aerogroup Retail Holdings, Inc., its parent, subsidiaries and affiliates (“Aerosoles”). All Aerosoles Retail, Outlet, Catalog and Web customers purchasing in the United States are invited to become Aerosoles VIP Rewards Program members (“Members”) by completing an enrollment application in one of the following ways: (1) by visiting a participating Aerosoles store; (2) by visiting www.aerosoles.com; (3) by calling 800-798-9478; or 4) by accepting and using the Aerosoles VIP Rewards membership card sent to a select group of existing Aerosoles VIPs. There are no fees to join. Members must be legal residents of the United States and at least 18 years of age. Employees of Aerosoles and immediate family members of employees are not eligible for the Program.

No purchase is necessary to join the Program but purchases are required to earn rewards. At the time of purchase in an Aerosoles store or via telephone, members must provide an Aerosoles VIP Rewards Program membership card or, in the alternative, may request membership verification by providing to the Aerosoles sales associate one of the following for database lookup: a registered phone number, name and street address or e-mail address. At the time of purchase online at www.aerosoles.com, Members must sign in with their registered membership username and password.

An Aerosoles VIP Rewards Program Member’s Rewards account (“Rewards Bank”) has no fixed value, cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be transferred to other individuals and rewards for qualifying purchases have no monetary value. Rewards are not earned at the time that gift cards or gift certificates are purchased or that merchandise credits are issued. However, rewards are earned at the time that merchandise credits, gift cards and gift certificates are redeemed for qualified purchases.

Rewards Banks are not transferable, cannot be combined with the Rewards Banks of other Members and may only be used by an individual Member for the Member’s personal benefit. By accepting membership in the Program, Member agrees that the rewards and benefits associated with the Program do not create any property rights in favor of the Member.

In the event that there is no activity in a Member’s Rewards Bank for a twenty-four month period the Rewards Bank is automatically terminated and the balance of any rewards in the Member’s Rewards Bank is forfeited. Former members may re-enroll in the Program, however, previously forfeited rewards will not be credited and the Member will start with a balance of zero rewards until qualifying purchases are made.

If you believe qualifying purchases have not been credited accurately to your Rewards Bank account, please contact the Aerosoles VIP Rewards Hotline at 800-798-9478 or write to: Aerosoles VIP Rewards, P.O. Box 1916 Edison, NJ 08818-1916. Claims must be filed within 60 days from the transaction date on which rewards are believed to have been earned.

In the event that Aerosoles experiences technical difficulties and is unable to activate or access your account at the time that an application is made or a purchase transaction has occurred, Aerosoles accepts no liability for rewards not credited to your Rewards Bank. Please contact our VIP Rewards Hotline noted above to arrange for proper credit of earned rewards. Aerosoles shall have no liability for failure, delay or error in crediting rewards to your Rewards Bank.

You may cancel your Aerosoles VIP Rewards membership at any time by contacting the Aerosoles VIP Rewards Hotline at 800-798-9478 or by writing to: Aerosoles VIP Rewards, P.O. Box 1916 Edison, NJ 08818-1916.

Aerosoles reserves the right to cancel any membership in its sole discretion.

Aerosoles reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies and procedures communicated in these Terms & Conditions. All determinations by Aerosoles shall be final and conclusive in each case. In connection with the enforcement of any of the Terms & Conditions governing the Program, Aerosoles reserves the right to take appropriate legal action, as it deems necessary, and to recover damages, attorney’s fees and court costs. These Terms & Conditions supersede all previously published Terms & Conditions.

Earning Rewards
Program members earn a $10 Reward (“Rewards Certificate”) for every $150 spent on qualifying purchases made at Aerosoles retail and outlet stores in the United States, at aerosoles.com and from the Aerosoles U.S. Catalog. Rewards are not earned for purchases of Aerosoles products at other retail establishments, including department stores, websites, specialty retail and stores not operating under the Aerosoles brand. Rewards from qualifying purchases are deposited in the Member’s Rewards Bank and are used to issue Rewards Certificates. “Qualified purchases” consist of net merchandise purchases, minus returns, coupons/discounts, Rewards Certificates, shipping fees and taxes.

Upon activation of a Member’s account, rewards from future qualified purchases will be deposited in the Member’s Rewards Bank. The application can be completed and activated by you online at aerosoles.com, by telephone at 800-798-9478 or by any associate at an Aerosoles store or outlet in the U.S. Receipt of an Aerosoles VIP Program membership card means that the Member’s account has been activated.

The Member’s rewards balance is available by calling the VIP Rewards Hotline at 800-798-9478. Please allow 3-5 days following the date that a qualified purchase is made for the Rewards Bank to reflect the updated rewards balance.

Rewards Certificates
Members may use multiple Rewards Certificates, maximum of 3 per transaction, to make a purchase, but the value of the purchase must equal or exceed the total value of the combined Rewards Certificates, as no cash will be given as change and any remaining unused balance on the Rewards Certificate is forfeited.

Rewards Certificates are automatically e-mailed or sent by U.S. mail at least once per calendar quarter to Members with a Rewards Bank total that meets or exceeds $150 in qualified purchases. Aerosoles, in its sole discretion, determines the date during each calendar quarter that Rewards Certificates are issued. To redeem certificate, a qualifying purchase must be made within 60 days of issuance. The date by which the certificate must be redeemed for a qualifying purchase is shown on the Rewards Certificate.

Each $10 Rewards Certificate issued reduces the balance in the Member’s Rewards Bank by $150 in accumulated qualified purchases.

Rewards Certificates cannot be used to purchase gift cards or gift certificates and cannot be applied toward the payment of any Aerosoles account balances. Aerosoles is not responsible for lost or stolen Rewards Certificates. Rewards Certificates cannot be applied towards previous purchases. The Rewards Certificate must be surrendered at time of purchase. Rewards Certificate code will be voided once used on the website. Rewards Certificates are non-transferable and are not redeemable for cash. Rewards Certificates are void if sold, duplicated, or reproduced, and where prohibited by law.

Members may earn up to a maximum of $200 in Rewards Certificates per year and up to a maximum of $50 in Rewards Certificates per quarter.

Reward Certificates may be subject to tax liability. The reporting of and any tax liability on rewards, is the sole responsibility of the Member.

Returned Merchandise
If a Member returns merchandise from a purchase made with one or more Rewards Certificates, no cash or other remuneration will be refunded to the Member for that portion of the purchase made using the Rewards Certificate(s). The rewards represented by the previously redeemed Rewards Certificate used at the time of purchase will be forfeited.

If multiple items of merchandise are purchased and one or more Rewards Certificates are redeemed at the time of purchase, a percentage of the Rewards Certificate(s) will be attributed as payment toward each item of merchandise based on the proportion of each item of merchandise to the total amount of the purchase.

Communication & Privacy
By enrolling in Aerosoles VIP Rewards, you agree that Aerosoles may send you special promotional offers and other mailed or e-mailed communications.

Promotional offers may be offered to select members based on purchase activity, geographic location, program participation or other information supplied by the customer.

Members may choose to discontinue mail, e-mail or both types of communications by contacting the Aerosoles VIP Rewards Hotline. Members understand that the discontinuation of either form of communication may result in the loss of promotional discounts and offers related to the Aerosoles VIP Rewards Program, but Members will continue to earn rewards on qualified purchases.

Member personal information will be maintained in accordance with Aerosoles’ Privacy Policy, which can be found at www.aerosoles.com.

Changes to Terms & Conditions
Aerosoles reserves the right to change the terms, conditions for participation, awards and benefits for Program Members at any time without notice and without liability to Members.

Aerosoles reserves the right to change or cancel any reward, including the level of qualified purchases required to earn rewards.

Aerosoles reserves the right to institute blackout dates and restrictions on merchandise, including clearance items, eligible for Rewards Certificate redemption.

Fraudulent use of the Aerosoles VIP Rewards Program may result in membership termination.

Program Termination
Aerosoles may discontinue the Aerosoles VIP Rewards Program in its sole discretion at any time for any reason without any further obligation to Members.

Governing Law
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of New Jersey, without reference to conflict-of-laws considerations.