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VIP Rewards – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I sign up to become a VIP Rewards member without making a purchase?
Answer: Yes. Membership is free and does not require a purchase, however purchases are required to earn rewards. If you are in an Aerosoles store you must complete VIP Rewards membership form. An Aerosoles Associate can provide you with the form and membership card. If you want to sign-up online please follow the VIP Rewards “Sign Up” process or call our VIP Rewards Hotline (1-800-798-9478) and an associate can assist you.

Question: When will I receive my Rewards Certificates?
Answer: All of your qualifying Aerosoles purchases at stores, online and through our catalog will be compiled at least four times per year and issued directly to your home via email or direct mail.

Question: How can I check my qualifying purchases balance?
Answer: You can check your Rewards balance at by logging in to your online account – Or call the Aerosoles VIP Rewards Hotline (1-800-798-9478) and an associate can review your Rewards balance.

Question: I made a purchase at the store last week but forgot to give my membership card. Can I get credit for the purchase?
Answer: Please call the Aerosoles VIP Rewards Hotline (1-800-798-9478) and an associate can review your Rewards Bank balance. Note all modifications will require a receipt and need to be updated within 60 days of your qualifying purchase date.

Question: How do I find a store near me?
Answer: Simply enter your zip code and the distance range you want to travel on our website’s store locator.

Question: If I lose my VIP Rewards Card, can I get a replacement?
Answer: Yes. You may request a new membership card on your next visit to an Aerosoles store. Let the associate know that you lost your card and they can issue a new card.

Question: Who do I call if I have questions?
Answer: If you have any questions about your membership please call the Aerosoles VIP Rewards Hotline (1-800-798-9478).

Question: If I receive a VIP Rewards Card from the store will it be valid online?
Answer: Yes. To receive credit for your online purchase you will need to login to your account online and/or set up your member registration.

Question: Can I use my Rewards certificates on ANY items?
Answer: Yes. The Rewards certificates is a discount that will be taken off any new purchase, but cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards or Gift Certificates. There is no minimum purchase but remember you will not receive any credit or money back if the entire amount is not used, so be sure to find that perfect pair of shoes!

Question: What happens if I use my Rewards certificate, then return the shoes, do I lose the certificate?
Answer: Yes, sorry, if you return your purchase then you forfeit the certificate. Your Rewards certificate is good for a one time purchase only. However, if you are making an exchange then you can apply the discount to your purchase.
Question: If I lose or delete my Rewards certificate that was sent to my home or email can it be replaced?

Answer: No. Rewards certificates cannot be reissued. If you would like more information regarding your lost certificate you should contact the VIP Rewards Hotline (1-800-798-9478) and explain your situation.
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